Brain Waves

The Brain Waves Project is a transformative initiative that empowers primary school students with the knowledge and skills to create digital solutions for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Through a combination of robotics, programming, and service learning, the project introduces students to the challenges faced by those with brain disabilities and teaches them how digital technologies can be harnessed to address these needs. By fostering collaboration, empathy, and digital literacy, the project not only enriches the educational experience of young learners but also creates tangible digital materials designed to improve the lives of intellectually disabled individuals. With a focus on inclusivity, the project seeks to create a more compassionate and supportive society where all individuals are valued and respected, while also raising awareness about the potential of digital works to promote social inclusion and empowerment.

Brain Waves

About the project

The aim of the Brain Waves Project is to empower primary school students to create digital solutions that enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities, fostering inclusivity and awareness.


The general objectives of the project are:

Improving digital literacy and digital skills

Promoting social inclusion and civic engagement

Developing key competences

Encouraging hands-on learning and practical experience

Building resilience and capacity


Promoting digital skills among people with disabilities

Promoting digital employment among people with disabilities